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Zuled Integrated Services

Zuled started operation in January 2016 and was officially registered by Lagos State in November 2018. Registered in November 2018 under the Cooperative Societies Law, Cap C15, laws of Lagos state of Nigeria, 2003. Zuled offers quality financial services to grass root individual through a unified common aspiration to promote Co-Operative principles. Through Co-Operative Spirit and unity achieving Self-help, Self-Reliance and Economic Strength for its members. we have come in such a time as these bridging the gap between the bank and the unbanked, we have come to relate with people at the grass root level with the introduction of our community life style change, making them financially independent, giving them access to loans


Lease Finance

Finance lease is the means by which an individual or a corporate organization acquire and use an equipment or assets of choice and then pays in installments over an agreed time period.
Finance lease focuses on providing quality finance leases to meet changing needs. Whether an individual,

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Business and Personal Loans

Every member of the society is entitled to one type of loan or another per time It is a fundamental cooperative practice to allow members to borrow an amount not exceeding twice their cumulative savings but we have designed a very unique model that allows our members borrow any amount that is about enough for their need

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Home Ownership

We really want to make sure our members feel the impact of the society by having proofs to show for belonging. There is rent finance opportunities for our members who can demonstrate that they have sure means of paying back within a very short time. We help our members to pay their home or office rent when their means are limited about the time their rents fall due. Repayment period is usually shorter than the length of rent. We also acquire land and sell to our members which they pay over a period of time. Our members can own a home through our housing scheme.

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Skills Acquisition

A group of youth between the ages of 16-25 years who are talented or gifted in a particular craft, or who wants to develop a particular skill for themselves. It could be bead making, carpentry, tailoring. These people will be in a workshop where they will receive training in this art of craftsmanship. The purpose is to spur entrepreneur within the youth. This is to eradicate poverty and provide empowerment for the youth. The company intend to teach, develop skills within the youth, and also avail little credit facilities at the end on their internship or apprenticeship.

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Educational Loan

This This loan is to assist members take care of their education expenses; school fees of their children and dependants, tuition for their personal studies, training and development. Subject to availability of fund, a non-member may take loan but the loan must be guaranteed by a member of the cooperative. This loan shall be paid directly to the intended school/institution’s Bank Account and repayment shall be by regular deduction. Tenor …

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Savings Scheme

We encourage our members to save today in order to meet tomorrow’s rising needs. Our cooperative consultants and advisors would meet with our members to work out and agree a convenient saving amount and pattern such that it does not affect everyday living adversely. Saving is for both business and personal objectives through opening of an account with the society. Our savings also attract interest higher than the regular interest rate.

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This is carefully use of money so that it is not wasted. This is a patterned savings scheme that encourages individual to have savings in a specified form. This form of savings encourages people at the grass root to save. As it does not require so much money to start. With an amount as …

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Easy Life Sales

We sale different products to our members to enhance their day to day living. Products like foodstuff such as Rice Ground nut oil and some Grocery products. The essence is to give at a reasonable price with the repayment period of maximum 60 or 90 days

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