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About Us

Zuled Integrated Services

Zuled is a membership organization, advancing the economic interest of members and encouraging thrift; and promoting co-operation, mutual help and life-style changes; together leading to “A MORE PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY. We envision to be the leading Cooperative in the Region offering services to grass root individual through a unified common aspiration to promote Co-Operative principles. Through Co-Operative Spirit and unity achieving Self-help, Self-Reliance and Economic Strength for its members. we have come in such a time as these bridging the gap between the bank and the unbanked, we have come to relate with people at the grass root level with the introduction of our community lifestyle change, making them financially independent, giving them access to increased financial empowerment.

Our Mission

The Cooperative is committed to promote the members’ economic independence and social responsibility through active partnerships among themselves and with other cooperative movements . To build a strong and viable Co-operative, unified by a common aspiration to promote Co-operative Principles. Through the Co-operative Spirit we shall achieve self-help, self-reliance, economic strength, and unity.

Our Objective

The Cooperative aims to:

Promote partnerships with other cooperative movements in spearheading and implementing cooperative programs for the benefit of the members and of the other sectors of society;

imbue the values of savings and wise spending of financial resources that will enhance the social growth and economic independence of its members;

adopt systematic and continuous capital build-up, feasible expansion programs and cost-effective methods of operations to strengthen and sustain its capacity to meet the growing demands of its members for quality services;

encourage active and responsible patronage of the Cooperative enterprises to ensure continuous capital build-up and profit sharing; and inculcate the value of social responsibility to members as they cooperatively form partnership with others.

Organisational Structure

Zuled Multi-Purpose Cooperative has as its highest governing body, the General Assembly, which is vested with all the powers expressly provided by law and the by-laws of the Cooperative.

The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors and the Members of the Committees. The Board of Directors exercises general supervision and control over the affairs of the Cooperative.

The Board elects from among themselves the president and the Vice- president , and appoints the Secretary and Treasurer. The Board is also responsible in the recruitment and hiring of the Members of the Management Staff and has jurisdiction over them.

The Members of the Committees exercise supervision and control over the affairs of their respective Committees. They elect from among themselves their president , Vice- president and Secretary.

The Management Staff is in charge of the administrative and financial affairs of the Cooperative. The Manager who is the Head of the Management Staff serves as Chief Operating Officer of the Cooperative and has jurisdiction over the Accountant, the Cashier, the Administrative Assistant and their staff.